Born Again Christian Shane Lynch Says He Prays For 'Demonic' Bambie Thug

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Irish singer turned born-again Christian Shane Lynch says he "prays" for Eurovision star Bambie Thug, after calling the singer, "demonic".

Former Boyzone singer, Lynch has had his say on the non-binary singer via Instagram, who finished 6th in the overall standings in last weekend's Eurovision final, Ireland's best finish at the competition in years, with their entry, Doomsday Blue. 

Having watched Bambie Thug's performance on Saturday in Sweden, Shane Lynch said that he was praying for the "revelation" of the singer. 

"I got taught a lesson over the weekend, or certainly reminded of something", Lynch wrote on Instagram. "I don't know if you've seen the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday night and Ireland's performance, Bambie Ray Robinson, aka Bambie Thug. Pretty demonic stuff". 

He continued, "And since Saturday, I've been contemplating what I'm going to do with those thoughts, but actually, I've been reminded, so I was going to cuss her out and I was going to say all the negative and bad things and wrong things… not only about the performance but how I felt about her as a person". 

"And then I got slapped in the face. God reminded me, 'Shane Lynch, don't you remember who you were? Don’t you remember where you came from? Don't you remember what I took you from?'". 

He went on to add: "Not a very dissimilar place to Bambie Thug. I wasn't too far off exactly what she was or is at the moment, which gave me such a revelation of grace, mercy, and the love of God". 

"Nobody's too far gone to be changed and I thank the Lord for that reminder of who I was". 

"So I take that opportunity to pray for Bambie Ray Robinson, I pray in Jesus' name for a revelation for salvation for her, and I pray for God's protection over her. We can all be saved in Jesus' name. Amen".

The former Boyzone star is no stranger to denouncing artists for alleged satanic rituals, having previously condemned Taylor Swift for allegedly performing "Satanic rituals" on stage at her shows. 


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