"Emotional" Peter Andre Apologises To Family Following Becky Vardy's "Chipolata" Comments

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An "emotional" Peter Andre has apologised to his wife Emily and his four children regarding Rebekah Vardy's "chipolata" comments.

For the past 15 years, Peter Andre has been mocked over his manhood after Rebekah Vardy had claimed that the Mysterious Girl singer had the "smallest trouser equipment she's ever seen" during an interview in 2001. 

Mrs Vardy has since apologised for her comments, claiming that she was forced into being critical about Pete by her ex husband. She added that she regretted the story.

"It was something I was forced to say. I was forced into a situation by my ex-husband to do this story", she said. "It's something I deeply regret and something that's very much part of my past". 

"It's not nice to read. I have dealt with this. To me, this is mud-slinging", she concluded. "I was always threatened with mud-slinging by Mrs Rooney's team". 

"I went through a terrible, terrible relationship. It was horrible,it was abusive, and I was forced into a situation", she continued. "Yes, it's horrible. Would I ever do something like that again? Not in a million years. It wasn't nice". 

"But I was faced with consequences, and the consequences of not doing it were much worse". 

"I let everyone have their laugh"

Peter Andre has had his say in a video shared via his Instagram account.

"Fifteen years this has been going on, and I kept quiet and didn't say anything. I let everyone have their laugh and say what they wanted to say", he said. "Just think if I had said this about her anatomy and made up something unflattering, there would be outrage...". 

"The only one who sits there and takes hit after hit about it, is me. Think about how it would feel if it was the other way around". 

"Just a couple of things first. Sorry to Emily and the children that have had to see and hear some not very nice things". 







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