New Neflix Documentary To Examine How Jimmy Savile "Hid In Plain Sight"

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The new Netflix documentary Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story is to explore the disgraced TV presenter's relationship with the British Royal family and establishment.

Director Rowan Deacon has said that the documentary will examine how Savile has been "hiding in plain sight". 

A particular focus for the documentary will be the letters that were exchanged between Jimmy Savile and the Prince of Wales and their close connection. She said that the letters gave her a better “understanding of the nature of the friendship that they had”.

“I suppose what was most interesting, and why we’ve included those in the film, which looks really broadly at many reasons why Jimmy Savile wasn’t apprehended before he died, is that the relationship was one where Prince Charles trusted and respected Jimmy Savile”, she

“And I think that’s really interesting because I think what we were trying to do is look honestly at our, the British public’s, relationship with Jimmy Savile, in order to try and explain how he got away with it”. 

 “And I think there’s been a temptation to say after the revelations ‘Oh well, I always knew, I always hated the man’. That seems to be the common answer we got when we phoned people up”. 

“And I think that’s unhelpful because I don’t think the archive material or footage brought that out. I think that isn’t the case. He was trusted and respected. And I think that we need to look at that in order to understand how perpetrators behave and how this happened”. 

However, Rowan Deacon insisted that they “not suggesting at any moment”  that Prince Charles or any other Royal Family members were aware of what Savile was "really up to". 

Jimmy Savile: A Britisih Horror Story is available on Netflix now. 




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