The Chase Star Darragh Ennis Faces Angry Accusations From Fans

The Chase star Darragh Ennis has received the wrath of viewers, who have accused him of "fixing" his answers.

Ennis has been accused of throwing an episode, to allow a team to win. In this episode, contestants Lyndsey, Paul and Sarah all made it to the final chase. At the end of the round, they scored a total of 16 points. 

16 points would not normally be enough to beat the chaser. However, Ennis got a few questions wrong, allowing the team to score some pushbacks. 

Ennis subsequently failed to catch them, and the contestants took home £11,000 between them in what was Ennis' second defeat since joining the show.

Accusations of fixing

After this show aired on TV, Ennis was accused of fixing his answers to allow the contestants to win. The Irish chaser has since taken to social media to respond to these allegations. He threatened to "block" people on social media if they continued with these accusations. 

An indignant Ennis wrote, "For those of you accusing me of losing that game on purpose on #TheChase today a few things: 1. That would be fraud 2. You are committing libel 3. You are doing a disservice to a good team who smashed in the pushbacks 4. I will block people in future". 

Fellow chaser, Paul Sinha also tweeted, supporting Ennis in light of these allegations. 

"Remember that thing that human beings have good days and bad days because they are human beings? Well Chasers are human beings. If you tweet lies about us throwing it, maybe think of having a good day some time", he wrote. 


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