AI technology recreates Val Kilmer's lost voice for Top Gun Maverick

Val Kilmer begged the producers of "Top Gun Maverick" to include him in the new movie despite losing his voice after undergoing throat surgery.

He was known for being difficult to work with back in 1986, only taking on the role of "Iceman" because he was contract-bound by Paramount Pictures to do so.  Val said this time, he wasn't too proud to beg as he really wanted to be a part of it.

They've used artificial intelligence technology to let him speak in the film, which is released in cinemas on May 25th.  The London-based firm Sonantic used voice recordings from throughout Val's career, cleaned them up and stitched them together to match the script.  

Have a listen to how Val sounds

And how he sounds with AI technology

After years of being in debt, Val's ex-girlfriend Cher paid for his medical bills after he woke up to a pool of blood after coughing.  He had also been experiencing difficulty swallowing.  In 2014, he underwent a lifesaving tracheotomy which is why he now wears scarves covering his neck.


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