Limerick City Residents Complain of Drugs Discarded Near Schools

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Residents of Naughton’s Place, just off Henry Street, have complained about drug users leaving syringes, tablets and broken bottles in an area close to five schools.

Groups have been congregating to drink and take drugs at a closed business in the area. They often leave behind dangerous items like used syringes, smashed bottles and even lethal drugs.

"You’d see all sorts left around here," said local resident Brian Monahan, who worries for the safety of his three-year-old son. "Pills would be left behind, for example Xanax. The last thing I want is for my son to pick up one."

"If a child sees something like this, it’s something different to them," said local councillor Azad Talukder. "If he sees a syringe or a colourful packet, he can put it in his mouth. It’s very dangerous. As a parent, I wouldn’t like to see this happen to any child."

The principal of one of the nearby schools said they were "really worried for the safety of our pupils in case a child inadvertently picks something up."

Cllr Talukder has been reporting the issue to the local authority, who clean it up immediately each time they are contacted. Monahan says it hasn't deterred the groups from returning to the area.

"It’s very frustrating," he said. "They don’t move on. I have a teddy up in the front window, and they can see my child living here, and they still don’t care. I’ve had elderly neighbours approach me who haven’t been able to sleep."

Monahan said he no longer calls the gardaí, as he claims they don't always turn up.

"They do not think anything about the women or the older people living there," Cllr Talukder said of the drug users. "It’s totally unacceptable."

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