Kate Garraway's husband is HOME

Amazing news today. Kate Garraway's husband Derek Draper is home after spending a year in ICU battling Covid.

Kate zoomed into her job at "Good Morning Britain" to give the happy update as he continues his recovery in his own home.  The TV host had been told on six occasions how there was no hope and her husband might die but he kept on fighting.

Derek has reached a "plateau" in his recovery and they're hoping being in his own surroundings may help.  The aim is to get him talking and moving again.  It will be a very long process but he'll receive physiotherapy, occupational therapy, neuropsychology and speech and language therapy.  The experts are hoping when he sees the children play, it might prompt him to talk and ask the kids what they're building with their lego.  He also seemed to be responding as he watched the children in the garden on their trampoline.  

Kate has been busy preparing the house for his return home and has transformed the living area into a bedroom for him.  

Derek arrived home late on Wednesday night and the kids couldn't stop cuddling him.  

Photo Credit: ITV

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