How to curb your mobile phone addiction

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How long could you last without your mobile phone? Be honest now – how many times a day do you check it?  Would you take out a book and start reading it in the middle of dinner? Probably not but most of us wouldn’t think twice about whipping out our phones. Some of us are addicted and checking our phones 60 times a day.

Here are some ideas how to make a real effort to spend less time on your mobile

  1. Turn off those push notifications
  2. Make a vow not to answer work emails outside work hours
  3. Never bring your phone into the bedroom – get yourself an old-fashioned alarm clock
  4. Install the screen time app – you’ll be mortified about how much time you spend on your phone
  5. Create “No Phone Time Zones” – so maybe it’s when you’re sitting down in the evening with your other half to watch telly
  6. Turn off your phone when you get into the car to avoid the temptation of texting and driving
  7. Put your phone to Airoplane Mode for a couple of hours every day
  8. Get a watch
  9. There is a “Do Not Disturb” feature on your phone.  On an iPhone, go into settings > do not disturb > turn it on.  You can set it for whatever time frames you like and you can set it so “favourites” like family members can still contact you in case of an emergency
  10. Leave it at home the odd time.  It will give you a real sense of freedom