X Factor Is Coming To An End After 17 Years

The original UK production of the X Factor is coming to an end after 17 years.

An ITV spokesperson said in a statement,  “There are no current plans for the next series of The X Factor at this stage". 

The show had been created in 2004 by TV personality Simon Cowell. It has been credited with bolstering the careers of the likes of One Direction, Little Mix and JLS. 

This cancellation was reportedly called by Simon Cowell himself. Cowell worked as a judge on the show from series one to seven and again from eleven to fifeteen. Cowell looks set to launch his own ITV show titled Walk The Line which will begin later this year. 

The final edition of the original X Factor format aired in 2018, which marked 15 consecutive years on the air. Following a spin off series The X Factor: Celebrity and The X Factor: Band airing in 2019, the show took a hiatus last year. 

The last winner of the show was Dalton Harris in 2018. 


"slightly stale"

"Globally, it is still a phenomenon and rakes in millions every year. But in the UK, there is no question it has become slightly stale", an insider told the Irish Sun. 

“Simon remains at the top of his game and knows how to make a hit. He owns the rights to the show, and it’s his call – not ITV’s – whether or not he drops it", they also added.  "Clearly the last thing he wants is for X Factor to fizzle out with a whimper and become a bit of a joke – especially in contrast to the show in its pomp".

“It is still on the back-burner and there’s the option to return it in 2023, with auditions next summer, but a lot will ride on his new format Walk The Line". 





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