James Corden goes flying with Tom Cruise

James Corden really has the coolest job in the world hosting "The Late Late Show" in the US - why on earth would he want to leave?

This week, he went flying with Tom Cruise in a fighter jet....as you do.  Tom got his pilot's licence in 1994 and we all know he is a pretty skilled stuntman too.  

In "Top Gun Maverick", which hits cinemas tomorrow, footage of the cast in the F/A-18 aircrafts is real and not CGI.  Tom developed a flight training programme for the actors over 3 months where they learnt skills such as underwater evacuation and aerobatics.  They were educated about the pressure of G-Force which can cause pilots to fall unconscious in the sky. 

Miles Teller plays "Rooster", the son of Maverick's best friend "Goose" who died in the original "Top Gun" movie back in 1986.

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