TikTok Announces New Interactive Taylor Swift Experience To Celebrate The Eras Tour

Great news for all the Swifties out there! TikTok has announced #TSTheErasTour, a new Taylor Swift in-app experience to celebrate the Eras Tour

The new update, announced today, is the next phase of TikTok's first and longest running interactive artist experience and will celebrate the record breaking Eras Tour.

The news follows a brief period earlier this year where Swift’s, as well as many other artists, music could not be used on the social media platform due to licensing issues with Universal Music Group (UMG).

The experience will run for 11 weeks where Swifties will have to complete a new album themed task each week. Users have the chance to win Taylor Swift themed profile frames as well collect friendship beads to build their very own digital friendship bracelet. If all tasks are completed at the end of the 11 weeks you will win one final Eras Tour themed profile frame. 

Additionally the hashtag will feature loads of video highlights from each Eras Tour stop as well as a full playlist to go with each week's album theme.

“TikTok continues to support artists at all points in their journey and serves as the premiere platform for artists to promote their music and engage with global fans on and off tour.” TikTok said. “By connecting Swifties across the globe through #TSTheErasTour, TikTok is able to support and deepen the connection between artists and fans.”

Fans can access the #TSTheErasTour experience by clicking the anchor that will appear alongside any Taylor Swift video. It can also be accessed with the search banner that appears when searching any Taylor Swift content. The homepage of the experience will feature your profile frame collections and digital friendship bracelet.

Since the tour began in March of 2023, the tour related hashtags have amassed over five million videos. Swifties take to TikTok to share tour clips, show off their tour-outfits and display their friendship bracelet collection.

In April TikTok released ‘The Tortured Poets Department’ in-app experience to celebrate Swift's newest album release. The event was a roaring success amassing over 3.2 million videos under the hashtag.

The brief removal of Swift's music earlier this year happened as a result of TikTok's licensing agreement with UMG expiring. TikTok and UMG could not come to a new agreement resulting in the removal of many artists' music from TikTok. UMG argued that TikTok was not properly compensating artists for the use of their music. They also raised concerns about budding AI technology and its implications for music on the platform. 

Eventually a deal was struck right before the release of Swift's new album which opened many promotional and engagement opportunities for UMGs artists.


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