Man City player didn't notice missing £175K

A fraudster has stolen £175,000 from Riyad Mahrez but the professional footballer didn't notice the money was missing until 5 weeks later.

Mahrez earns £200,000 a week.  Meanwhile, the man who stole from him was living the high life with holidays in Ibiza and Dubai, champagne parties, gambling, expensive restaurants and designer clothes. 

After a whole month of lavish spending, the footballer noticed some spending on his statement that he couldn't account for and so blocked his bank card.  A man had obtained a new bank card in Mahrez' name by phoning the bank claiming he was working for him and nobody questioned it.  He then travelled from his home in London to Leicester to withdraw cash at an ATM so the withdrawal transactions wouldn't look suspicious.  

The fraud happened in 2017 when Mahrez was still playing for Leicester City.  


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