Failing miserably at home-schooling? This might help

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Before you even think about starting “lessons” with the kids, allocate a time for having breakfast, getting washed and dressed, tidying bedrooms, having lunch and walking the dog so at least at the end of the day, you won’t feel literally like it’s 4pm and “not a child in the house washed”.  Make sure to include outdoor play when you can be getting on with your own work


Stick to a timetable for meals – otherwise the kids will be looking for snacks all day long and let’s be honest if they were in crèche, pre-school or school, this wouldn’t be happening


Tell the kids you’ll be doing mini-lessons with them so this means you start them off and then leave them to practice the maths or the handwriting or whatever it might be on their own


Rewards charts are great for keeping the kids focused.  You can easily make them yourself or ask the kids to get crafty.  Alternatively, you can find them in shops like Mr.Price or Dealz for less than a couple of Euro



Sometimes watching a TV show about history or geography can be far more entertaining for kids so don’t feel guilty about turning on the telly or You Tube.  Remember when your teacher would roll in the TV and video unit to the classroom?  It didn’t matter what you watched, it was better than reading books all day



Top tip – avoid sugary snacks at home. They are banned from school for a reason.  Kids just can’t concentrate if they’re all sugared up so make life easier for yourself.  Plenty of fruit and water instead