Doctor Explains Why You Should Not Drink Coffee First Thing In The Morning

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In a piece of news that will shock coffee lovers around the world and certainly in Ireland, a doctor has recently explained why you shouldn't drink coffee first thing in the morning!

Dr Karan Raj who shares regular health tips on TikTok, said that you need to wait until later in the day, before having coffee. 

"Don't drink coffee first thing in the morning to wake you up", He urged. 

He continued, "Your body naturally wakes you up with cortisol, you get a cortisol spike in the morning". 

"Save your coffee until mid-morning when your cortisol levels and your energy levels dip so you get a caffeine boost then and it'll be better". 

"Three mistakes you make in the morning"

Previously, the doctor had shared a video via TikTok, explaining that hitting the snooze, checking your phone and drinking coffee are all "three mistakes you make in the morning". 

In the clip, Dr Raj can be heard saying the following, "You press the snooze button. This convinces your body that you are entering another sleep cycle, causing you to release hormones that induce more sleep".

"Then when you do get out of bed, your body is full of sleep chemicals that keeps you tired for another four hours", he added. "Checking your phone as soon as you wake up".

"When you wake up in the morning, your brain gradually increases your alertness - going from delta to theta to alpha brain wave".

"Looking at your phone skips the theta and alpha brain wave, putting you on edge".

"You drink coffee as soon as you wake up. Maximum cortisol is produced between 8 and 9, which naturally wakes you up".

"Drinking coffee between these times means you're not getting the most out of the caffeine's stimulatory effect". 

"Instead, save it for when your cortisol dips". 

Check out the video below.


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As expected, people were divided on this. 

"Am I doing anything right these days?", one wrote. 

 "This is great advice", someone else added, while another user stated, "I couldn't live without my coffee". 









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