Get to know your neighbours this Summer

There is nothing more awkward than living on a street for several years and yet you still don’t know your neighbours.  Remember when you were a kid and you’d been inside every house on the road?  We’re so time poor these days with rushing out to work, we don’t take the time to know the people living right beside us and what a shame that is!  There are so many benefits to knowing your neighbours – peaceful living without disputes, for safety as there is always someone keeping an eye on your house when you’re not there and maybe even some handy childminding. 

Here are a few ideas that could turn it around

  1. Organize a neighbourhood clean-up  & flower planting
  2. Start a neighbourhood What’s App group
  3. Talk about taking turns on the school run
  4. Arrange a summer street party and bbq
  5. Throw a “late” housewarming – even if you’ve been living in the house for years!  The neighbours will see the funny side and will make an effort to turn up
  6. Get the kids to set up a sale of work in the garden and ask other houses if they want to do the same so it’s like a “mini-market”