The “Rules of the Road” you didn’t know

If you’re either driving on a provisional licence or you’ve passed your test, we hope you know all the rules of the road but there are some rules you might not even be aware of

  • If you sleep in your car after drinking alcohol (with no intention of driving), you could still be caught out on a “drunk in charge” fine
  • Using your mobile phone as a Sat-Nav if it’s not secured to the dashboard is an offence.  It is illegal to use a hand-held mobile to follow a map
  • Using your horn between 11.30pm and 7am in a built-up area.  Even a little beep when saying goodbye to someone could land you a fine
  • Letting an animal out of the car on a hard shoulder to go to the toilet or for any reason is a total no-no.  Even if the car is broken down, the animal must be kept in the vehicle
  • Flashing other drivers to warn them of speed cameras ahead is not allowed
  • Splashing a pedestrian with a puddle could see you fined under the 1988 Road Traffic Act
  • You could be fined €100 if caught smoking with children in the car