Working from home...........with kids running around

Before coronavirus hit, you may have dreamt of working from home.  It seemed ideal but now in reality, maybe it’s trickier than you thought.  Here’s some tips to help you manage your work while minding your kids!

  • Explain to the kids what’s happening (within reason) and how it’s not holiday time for you – that you need to work on your computer at home
  • Use the movie “Frozen” as a way of explaining social distancing – the sisters Elsa had to stay away from her sister Elsa to keep her safe
  • You might just have to give in and allow some screen time otherwise it’s highly unlikely you’ll get your own work done
  • If you can get up earlier than the kids to get some work done and work when they go to bed, do it
  • Get a routine going – you need to get up, showered, dressed as if you are going to work. Have a breakfast then start your work.  Same goes for the kids – plan what they’ll be doing the next day the night before
  • Older kids might learn some life skills – like how to cook or put on the washing machine.  In reality, the house should be gleaming
  • Everyone understands if you have a video meeting from your playroom – the usual professionalism won’t apply as much – we are all in the same boat
  • Check in with your colleagues several times a day
  • Take breaks – go for a walk if possible
  • Install handy tools like AnyDesk on your home computer so you can access the same files as if you’re in the office