Counties with Most Expensive Car Insurance Revealed

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As a true sign of the times, web searches for ‘cheapest car insurance in Ireland’ are up by 600%.

While car insurance is a must, the pricing differs depending on a combination of factors. 

Insurers analyse a number of points, including where you live. With this in mind, insurance experts, Chill, have revealed the counties in Ireland with the most expensive car insurance.

These counties are:

  1. Longford - €915
  2. Louth - €803
  3. Limerick - €779
  4. Meath - €732
  5. Monaghan - €724
  6. Dublin - €716
  7. Tipperary - €707
  8. Cavan - €704
  9. Westmeath - €692
  10. Kildare - €684

Paying €915 a year on average, Longford is the county with the most expensive car insurance costs. Longford residents will have seen this increase by €132 on average compared to the last six months (July 22 - Jan 23). The county's premiums are almost double that of Kilkenny residents who pay an average of €541 a year. 

Despite Dublin being home to the most populated city, it's the sixth most expensive for residents looking for car insurance.

Overall, there can be more than €300 in the difference in the average cost of an insurance premium, depending on the county you live in.

Car insurance premiums take your location into account as living in a city where there is a greater risk of crime and increased traffic means an accident or theft is more likely. As a result, your car insurance premium goes up.

Similarly, in Ireland, some rural counties have higher insurance premiums than others because of the higher claims rates.

The best way to bring your car insurance down is to shop around and search for the best deal, rather than automatically renewing.

Other factors such as removing or adding additional drivers, and increasing your voluntary excess could bring your overall insurance costs down.

Source: Chill

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