How you can do your bit for the environment!

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Everyone is becoming more conscious of climate change and the environment but what part can you play?  Here’s some easy tips

  1. Stop throwing out food.  The food you bin ends up in landfills and produces methane gases.  Bring a list when you’re grocery shopping and only buy what you’ll use.  It will also have a positive effect on your bank balance
  2. Create a compost pile for the food you have to get rid of like vegetable peelings and egg shells
  3. Invest in a travel cup instead of getting a new plastic cup everytime you buy a coffee
  4. Buy products with less packaging – why buy a bunch of bananas wrapped in plastic when it’s thrown in the bin as soon as you open them?
  5. Bring your own bag when shopping for both groceries and other shopping.  You don’t need a million bags every time you hit the shops.  (And let’s be honest – a lot of us are now ending up with a million “Bags for Life” as we keep forgetting to bring those aswell)
  6. Consider if your belongings can be repaired instead of chucked in the bin and replaced.  Your hair straightener may just need a new fuse.  Could a piece of furniture be upcycled? If you don’t want it, donate it to somebody who does
  7. If you do buy a new appliance, make sure you choose an energy efficient one
  8. Watch the amount of stuff you print off in work – is it really necessary?
  9. Get good at recycling at home – from baked beans cans to shampoo bottles – once they’re clean, you can recycle
  10. Carpool – get a lift or offer lifts if a colleague lives nearby.  Maybe one parent could do the school run to save 3 cars from driving to school in the rain