U2 Joined By Daniel Lanois & Pre-Recorded Neil Finn At Final Vegas Sphere Show

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Over the weekend, U2 wrapped up their residency at the MSG Sphere.

On the final night of their record breaking run of shows, the band were joined on stage by Daniel Lanois and a pre-recorded Neil Finn.

U2 were joined by Lanois, who co-produced the band's classic albums, Achtung Baby, and The Joshua Tree, where they performed the track One, which featured on Achtung Baby

The show also saw Bono and co perform a live cover of Crowded House's Don't Dream It's Over, a track they had performed at recent concerts at the venue. 

For this particular live show, the band treated the audience to a live showing of the Crowded House track with a pre-recorded Neil Finn, the song's writer.

Check out these performances below.



At their final show, U2 frontman Bono paid tribute to an emotional Larry Mullen Jr, who was in the audience on the night.

Mullen Jr had been in attendance, having missed out on the Vegas residency having been recuperating from neck surgery. 

“Not since October 1978 have we played shows without Larry Mullen Jr., and it’s only right I start by introducing the man who saved the day when Larry Mullen could not make it”, Bono explained to the audience.

“His name is already legend around here to people who can pronounce it. The flying while sitting-in Dutchman, Bram van den Berg on drums”. 

Bono also dismissed rumours that Larry Mullen Jr was due to return to the band for the final night of their residency.

“The rumours that Larry will be playing with us tonight are not true sadly,” he said. “But he is here with us!”, the singer stated.

While the crowd began to chant the drummer’s name, Bono added, “That is the man who pinned the note on the notice board at Mount Temple Comprehensive School all those years ago. And we are very grateful that he did and that he’s here with us tonight. We wish him a speedy, speedy, speedy recovery. We love you, Larry Mullen Jr”. 

U2 Pay Tribute To ‘Beautiful’ Larry Mullen Jr 

U2 finished off the night with a live performance of ‘Beautiful Day’, which saw Bono alter the lyrics to  the lyrics to  “Larry Mullen, you’re beautiful!”. 

The singer also told the crowd, “We play this game every f****** night, and pretend that we’re doing an encore”. 

“It’s not an encore. It’s on the setlist. There is a thing called the Internet. It’s a beautiful night Larry, and this is ‘Beautiful Day”, he added. 

Larry Mullen Jr also reacted to the tribute via social media.

“What an incredible night at the Sphere-So grateful to Bono, Edge and Adam and of course Bram for an amazing job. Very emotional night for me personally”, he wrote.
















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