De-stress you life by getting organised for 2020

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Always searching for socks in the morning? Regularly miss the bus while topping up your leap card?  These are stresses in life that can easily be avoided to get your week off to a better start. All you need is a little organisation.  Here are 8 things you could do to make your day run more smoothly


  1. Plan your outfit the night before – I mean the entire outfit including socks or tights and underwear and shoes.  Make sure they’re clean and ironed so you’re not halfway through ironing a top, to find there is a stain that didn’t come out in the wash and you need a whole new outfit!


2.   Give yourself an extra 15 minutes in the morning to allow for de-icing the car        or the toddler not co-operating!


3.  Make a plan for what day you’ll do the grocery shopping, what day you’ll visit your parents and what days you’ll be at the gym


4. Learn to say no.  It’s ok not to be always available to everyone else especially when you are already feeling time poor and stressed out


5.  Exercise as soon as you wake up – that way you’ll only need to shower once that day


6.  Pack a lunch for the next day before you go to bed


7.  Put your gym bag into the car the night before – so you don’t forget it


8.  Plan your meals in advance and batch cook on a Sunday