Adele Reveals Post Vegas Residency Plans

Adele has revealed that she plans to prioritise her fitness when her Vegas residency finishes up.

The singer has said that she intends to work on getting fit, once her residency concludes at the end of June, having started on 18 November 2022. 

Speaking to the crowd during her show Weekends With Adele, the singer said, "I don't normally do New Year resolutions but I want to build my muscles in my core and my goal at the end is to learn how to do a backflip and not be in pain". 

She continued, "So New Year's Eve next year, I'm going to be in such good solid shape - that's going to be such good fun - that I can do a backflip somewhere. I've decided that this year I want to get to my peak physical fitness". 

The Someone Like You singer added that she knows she can get fit, as she has done it before, and can do it again.

"I did it a few years ago and I felt fantastic but I know I can get stronger than that because I got there. Then I got lazy. So I'll start working out again to get my back completely right", she explained. 

Adele did also insist that she will also make time for her friends for "activities". 

"My grandmas and my aunties when I was younger would play bingo on Tuesdays and Thursdays," the singer stated. "I used to think that maybe they had a gambling problem and it wasn't until I was older I realised it was a socialising thing more than anything".

Adele's residency finishes on June 15. 


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