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Johnny Logan Thinks Irish Entry Bambie Thug Could Win Eurovision

Irish Eurovision star Johnny Logan has shown his support to Irish entry Bambie Thug, saying that he feels that they have a great chance of triumphing at this year's contest.

Bambie is a non-binary act, whose genre of music is called Ouija Pop. They came out on top out of six entries from Friday night's Late Late Show Eurovision Special, thanks to their song, 'Doomsday Blue'.

“It’s probably the best and most original entry that Ireland has had for as long as I can remember", Logan said in a recent interview with The Sunday World. 

He continued, “I think it’s a very good choice and it will definitely get attention. What I saw last night is that it was eye-catching and different. The people who were watching obviously related to it and that’s why it was chosen". 

“If it doesn’t end up doing really well at Eurovision I will be quite surprised. I’ve always hoped that the Irish songs would do well over the last few years, but I never really felt that they would. This one I think has a really good chance. It just depends on the make up of the jury and the other songs that are in the contest". 


Double Eurovision winner Johnny Logan feels that Bambie Thug stand a great chance of success, with their music and song choice a potential unique selling point with judges.

“There are so many countries involved in it and the jury has to listen to all of those songs. So the ones they’ll remember are the ones that stand out as being different and Bambie Thug’s song is different. Even if they don’t like them they’ll listen to what stands out as being different", Logan stated. 

“The thing about Bambie Thug is that it works…it’s a very visual thing the way they presented themselves. It’s different enough to be eye-catching". 

“What came into my head all the time was Bjork and her song So Quiet, which went from being quiet into this big band thing…that’s not the kind of song that it was, but it was that type of movement from one type of musical genre into the next. It goes from very disjointed, distorted into almost like a show song and then back out when they did the little dance". 

"The one thing about the Eurovision Song Contest is that every year people try to copy the song that won before because they think that’s the secret to winning it. This year’s Irish entry doesn’t do that. I wish Bambie the very, very best at Eurovision and I would say to them to enjoy the experience". 

Johnny Logan won the Eurovision in 1980 with What's Another Year?', before repeating the trick seven years later, with 'Hold Me Now', as well as writing Linda Martin's 1992 winning entry 'Why Me'. 

The 2024 Eurovision Song Contest will run from May 7-11 in Malmo, Sweden. 

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