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Meghan Markle Returns To Instagram With New Brand

Meghan Markle has returned to Instagram with a new brand.

Meghan Markle originally quit her Instagram account when she became engaged to husband Prince Harry, although the couple did share a joint account when they were working royals. 

Having spoken about the dangers of social media just a few days earlier, an unverified account with the bio "by Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex", shows a logo, and a link allowing fans access to enter their email address to join a waiting list.

The account which has been named American Riviera Orchard, featured a short video with the music of Nancy Wilson's track 'I Wish You Love', with scenes of Meghan baking, hands arranging flowers, as well as a woman in a gown standing at the end of a colonnade. 

According to reports, documents were filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office to register the American Riviera Orchard name and trademark protection for goods such as textiles, cutlery, marmalades, jellies, jams, along with assorted food spreads. 

This brand may feature cookbooks, retail space and, "coffee services in the nature of tableware, tea services in the nature of tableware, servingware for serving food and drinks, decanters". 

This application was also filed under a company called Mama Knows Best, registered last January. 

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