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Rod Stewart Says Ed Sheeran's Songs Won't Stand The Test Of Time

Rod Stewart has said that Ed Sheeran's music will not stand the test of time.

In a recent interview, the Scottish singer stated that he does not feel Sheeran's music will stand this test of time, like 'Maggie May' for example. 

On the artists whom he feels will be talked about 50 years down the line, Stewart began by asking, “You mean like ‘Maggie May’? Songs that will be played in 50 years?”. 

He continued,  “I like whatshisname. Oh f—ing great, Rod. Well done. He’s British, really talented and his songs will be around". 

When the interviewer put it to Stewart that Ed Sheeran could have been a name that he had forgotten, the singer quickly made his feelings on the Thinking Out Loud singer known.

“No, not Ed, I don’t know any of his songs, old ginger b*******", he stated. 

At this point, Stewart did pay homage to singer George Ezra, saying, “Yes! I think he writes really tremendous songs. He’ll be around for quite a while". 

Ed Sheeran released his latest album Autumn Variations last year, which gave him his sixth Number one on the Billboard's Top Album Sales Chart. 



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