Temperatures To Hit Highs Of 28C But Thundery Showers On The Way

While temperatures are expected to soar to 28C today, thundery showers have also been predicted for this weekend.

National forecaster Met Éireann have stated that many places in Ireland will be "very warm" on Friday, with temperatures to reach between 24-28C, with the possibility of it being higher in some places.

However, some thunderstorms are also expected further inland throughout the day, as the mist and fog clears, leading mostly to dry weather and sunny spells.

According to the forecaster, Saturday is expected to see sunny spells and scattered showers, with some being heavy with "isolated thunderstorms" possible. 

Met Éireann have also warned that some coastal areas can expect mist or fog over the weekend, while the southwest can expect temperatures of 21-26C. 

While Sunday is to see another warm day, with sunny spells and showers, some heavy thunderstorms and even some flooding has also been warned, with Sunday not expected to be as warm as previous days, with light variable breezes also expected. 

Temperatures are to hit between 19 and 24 degrees throughout the day.

Monday is to see a drop in temperatures, indicating an end of the sunny and warm weather experienced this weekend. 


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