“Consumed” by Clutter?

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This Netflix show will change your life.

Forget about Marie Kondo – for me, it’s now all about “Consumed” on Netflix. It’s been on the go since 2011 but we’re now finally taking note. Jill Pollack is a de-clutterer who doesn’t waste time thanking items (sorry Marie Kondo, but really – who has time for that?). 

She tackles some of the most cluttered homes that are being over-run with not just junk but valuable items like clothes and toys.  But as Jill says, what’s the point in keeping all these items when you can’t even move in the space where you live?

How it works

  • A giant skip is ordered – Jill will ask families to fill it as much as possible
  • Families pack up every single item in their homes as if they are moving – leaving only their beds and maybe a sofa and a table and chairs
  • They are also allowed keep 10 non-essential items as a family (not 10 each) but no TV
  • The boxes are then taken to a warehouse unit for 2 weeks and the families live without all their stuff for this period to see what they missed and what are the items they could live without
  • Then the family visit the warehouse and must move the items they want to keep into a small designated area – meaning they will have to ditch 75% of their belongings
  • Would you really want to fill up your house with all the junk again after leaving in a peaceful, de-cluttered house for a fortnight? Probably not.  Mission accomplished