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Top tips on how to save money fast

  1. Keep note of every single thing you buy over the next week – add up the amounts and ask yourself at the end of the week if it was money well spent or a waste
  2. Challenge yourself to not spend ANYTHING on eating out, cinema or going out for one full month
  3. Write down a list of monies coming in and going out – is there anything you could cut back on?  Do you need such a fancy TV package?  Could you cancel that gym membership or your magazine subscription?
  4. Think about how much you spend on transport.  Do you really need a car? What is it costing you between the cost of purchasing the car, maintenance, fuel, tax and insurance?
  5. Increase your income – if you have a spare room, could you rent it out? You’re entitled to earn €14,000 per year tax-free by renting a room in your home.  Are you at home minding your own kids? Could you mind a neighbour’s child aswell?