John Cleese' Infectious Toe Heals After "Two years !! And 46 doctors !!"

The 82-year-old had been left with a “heavily infected left big toe”, following a bone spur procedure two years ago.

All is well again for John Cleese as he informed fans that his big toe has finally healed. The legendary comedian and actor took to social media yesterday to share “great news with my twits!!!

Cleese, 82, had gone for a bone spur procedure two years ago, leaving the actor with a “heavily infected left big toe”. Choosing to ignore his doctor’s advice on exercise, John has been forced to ‘lay in his bed’ as the inflammation had worsened over time.

Via his Twitter account, Cleese informed his 5.6 million followers that he is finally following doctor’s orders by taking it easy and reducing his daily walks.

The father of two tweeted, “I have great news to share with my Twits!! My big toe on my left foot is healed!! Two years to the day when I have a bone spur removed. ( a real one ) Two years!! And 46 doctors!! It's been a true saga, and I have the film rights! 'My Left Toe’. Advice follows…

Explaining the many reasons as to why he took two years to recover from his surgery, Cleese said he is partially at fault as it took him “a long time to obey the doctors”.

It took so long to heal because 1. I am very, very old. 2. I am prediabetic 3. The circulation in the legs is not as good as in the rest of the body 4. The wound was on the bottom of the toe, so walking kept it from getting better.

So, when the 46 doctors said, 'Try to stay off it,' I thought they were being funny. They weren't. So, if you get a similar problem… Try to stay off it.”

Last month, the actor addressed his recent history of health concerns in an episode of Radio 4's Private Passions. Reminiscent of his famous Ministry of Silly Walks sketch on the Monty Python show, Cleese admits recreating it in his current state would be a “big disappointment”.

This would not be the ideal moment to ask me,” he quipped.

According to the actor, John has previously undergone hip replacement surgery, and now has an artificial knee from another procedure. In 2020, he experienced his second of public cancer scares when a tumour had been removed from his leg. The BAFTA winner became had previously became worried about his prostate during his first run-in with cancer in 1996.

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