Thai Cave Rescue Hero Hails Colin Farrell's 'Diligent' Approach To Playing Him

Irish actor, Colin Farrell has been praised by a British diver for his "diligent" method of acting in portraying him in an upcoming film. Farrell is to star in an upcoming drama called "Thirteen Lives".

John Volanthen along with Richard Stanton were part of a team which rescued 12 boys and their coach after they got trapped in a Thailand cave back in 2018. 

The boys were aged between 11 and 16. They were members of the Wild Boars football team. They were cycling with their coach to the caves exploring when they suddenly got trapped. 

John Volanthen will be portrayed by Colin Farrell, while Viggo Mortensen will play Richard Stanton in the drama Thirteen Lives. It will be directed by Ron Howard. 

"Impressed by his diligence"

Speaking on ITV's This Morning, John Volanthen said that he spent a "fair bit of time" with Farrell via video call. He said he was "impressed by his diligence".

"I've spent a fair bit of time with him on Zoom, I've been impressed by his diligence", said Volanthen.

"So, over the time that he was filming, he’s been training to run," he added. 

"I do a lot of running and, ultimately, at the end of the filming, he ran the Brisbane Marathon in a very respectable time, which I think is quite diligent for a method actor". 

Volanthen also admitted that he had initially asked to be played by Mr Bean, "but I was told by Ron Howard in no uncertain terms he wasn’t making that sort of movie".

Volanthen also said he has been in touch with Mortensen about the film. 

He told Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford,  "I was communicating with him for many months before filming started just so he could get my mannerisms and the way I talk, and obviously he’s a very skilled actor and you see him assimilate your character until he becomes a better me than I am". 

Following the remarkable rescue mission, both Volanthen and Stanton received the George Medal for their efforts. 

Check out their interview with Eamonn and Ruth in full below. 



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