Vogue Williams & Joanne McNally Announce Extra Date For Podcast Show

Due to high demand, Vogue Williams and Joanne McNally have added an extra date for their podcast show My Therapist Ghosted Me.

With the pair's podcast show taking place on 27 May 2023, the show will also take place the following date on 28 May, due to popular demand. Tickets are available now!

The show itself which is hosted by Vogue Williams and Joanne McNally will invite listeners of the podcast to engage in honest, forthright and hilarious conversations, as the pair attempt to discuss and highlight their unique and yet unheard of issues.

Together, the pair offer candid and honest advice, that their therapists just were unable to handle. 

The inspiratipn behind this podcast which attracts 3.1 million listeners per month,  emanated from Joanne McNally's therapist doing exactly what it says on the tin, ghosting her. She ignored the comedian's phone calls, failed to answer the door to her clinic. However, she did have a genuine excuse, she was scattering her aunt's ashes at the time.

These shows in May will take place live at the Marquee in Cork, and tickets are available via Ticketmaster.

The show will also take place at Dublin's Gaiety Theatre across February from 15-18. 


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