Irish Water Promises Action on Foul Smell in Kinsale

A meeting has been held between residents of Kinsale and Irish Water in relation to the foul smell emanating from the town's main waste-water treatment plant.

A rancid smell has persisted for several weeks in some parts of the town, including the Springmount Estate and Rope Walk areas.

Locals have complained of having to keep their doors and windows closed during the recent heatwave, with sewage smells polluting their gardens. Worries have been expressed that the situation may grow worse with the upcoming construction of new homes in the area.

Irish Water has now acknowledged the issue.

"Irish Water would like to advise that investigations by Irish Water experts have been carried out in relation to the cause of these malodourous occurrences that were reported in the Springmount Estate, Cappagh House and Rope Walk areas of Kinsale," a spokesperson confirmed. "The investigations outlined potential areas within the Wastewater Treatment Plant that may have been causing the malodourous occurrences. Investigations continue to ensure all aspects of the processes on site and elsewhere are evaluated and a number of actions were identified to ensure the malodour would be dealt with as quickly as possible."

Irish Water is implementing several measures, including replacing the plant's carbon filter, investigating issues around discharge, installing an odour monitor and continuing to review the operation of the plant.

Irish Water has promised to meet with residents soon to update them on the situation.

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