Shania Twain Bounces On A Trampoline To Warm Up For Gigs

Shania Twain has revealed that she warms up for gigs by bouncing on a trampoline.

Twain revealed this to the Daily Star newspaper's Wired column, saying that she prepares for shows by jumping up and down as the exercise helps to "drops the vocals". 

"I love to warm up with my little mini trampoline. I travel with that a lot. I jump on it and it drops the vocals", Twain said. "It just lets everything go. I need that little bit of space for a mini trampoline". 

Shania Twain added that she has come to terms with the fact that her sound has changed vocally, after undergoing career saving vocal surgery in 2018. 

"It took a lot of retraining and a lot of physiotherapy in order to sing on stage live", Twain explained. "Now, I sing differently. It might sound a bit more technical but where I was in falsetto before, now I am in full voice. I have two Gore-Tex crutches in there (the throat)". 

"It's like learning how to walk again after you've had a structural reinforcement in there, and you have to accept you're never going to sing in the same way. It's physically different". 

Twain also said that this warm up has been made easier by the surgery.

"Before the operation, singing was a lot more work, I couldn't sing anything without serious two hours of warm-up. Now, I can do a 20-minute warm-up like everyone else, it's much more manageable now", she said. 

"I sing differently"

Elsewhere, Shania Twain who has been busy in recent weeks, having performed at Glastonbury's recent Legend's Slot, has also expressed her delight that country music is trending again.  

"Country music has kinda come back around in fashion, right? I don't care if they're cowboy boots, Wellington boots, we're going to do some s***-kicking right now!", the 'That Don't Impress Me Much' singer said. 





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